MIT Turkish Student Association

Turkish Student Association (TSA) is an ASA recognized MIT cultural group. The group strives to introduce Turkish culture to the MIT community by organizing fun cultural and social events. Everyone with an interest in the Turkish culture is welcome to join the group.

Spring BBQ (aka Mangal)April 27, 2019 - 1-7pmKresge BBQ Pits
Turkish Language School
Turkish Classical Music Rehearsal with
Cambridge Musiki Cemiyeti
Every Sunday 3-6pm56-169
Executive Committee
Barış Ekim (President)
Ayşe Güvenilir
Ceylan Ceylan
Kaya Tatar
Oğuzhan Çelebi
Ömer Karaduman
Ulugbek Barotov
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Feel free to contact us on: tsa-exec at mit dot edu

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