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The number of Turkish undergrads, grads, post-docs, and faculty at MIT exceeds 100. We are the third largest ethnic group at MIT. MIT TSA was founded in an effort to bring our large community at MIT together in 1975. It is an honor for us to serve such an accomplished group of Turkish people.

The goal of the MIT Turkish Student Association is to

1) introduce the MIT Turkish community to each other,

2) represent Turkish culture through various events for the MIT community, and

3) be a resource for Turkish community who are interested in MIT, especially the high school and college students who wish to attend MIT for further education.

We hold weekly meetings to plan our future events. In addition, the project groups meet regularly to plan the progress of their project.

About Turkey

Spanning a land area of about 1/12th of the USA, Turkey is a country in the intersection of Asia and Europe. The official language is Turkish.

The country was founded in 1923 after an independence war led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, also the first president of Turkey. Turkey is a secular and democratic nation.

Turkey is home to some of the most famous world heritage sites in the world, including many in Istanbul, a city that harbors 1/5th of the 70 million residents of Turkey.

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